Orthodontic Expander, Phase One Treatment, Braces Twice?

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Q: Will my child need to wear braces twice?

A:  In our office, probably not.

Q:  But I’ve been told my child needs an expander or a Phase One Treatment starting at about age 7.  What does this mean?

A: Phase One treatment is an appliance placed on some baby teeth and some permanent teeth at an age before all the permanent teeth have erupted. It often involves an expander, sometimes called a palatal expander.

We rarely use an expander, especially at an age when some of the teeth being “expanded” are baby teeth. Expansion may be needed at times, but it can almost always be done when the child is old enough to have braces placed on the permanent teeth.

Q:  I want the best for my child.  Why not have a Phase One Treatment?

A:  In most cases, a Phase One treatment is not only unnecessary, but can be harmful because:

1. If a child has an expander before all the permanent teeth are in, a complete treatment will usually be needed later.  This means the child has to wear braces twice.

2. The extra time in treatment raises the risk of decalcification damage to the teeth.

3. The extra time in treatment makes it less likely that the child will cooperate when the full treatment begins.

4. The cost of treatment is obviously far greater if it is done in two different stages.

5. Most insurance policies pay only once, for a lifetime maximum per child. The policy is often used up before the full treatment begins.

No one knows how your child will grow and develop.  No one knows how the permanent teeth will erupt and be positioned in the mouth.

Whether you are looking for your first, second or even third opinion, come in to see Dr. Droel for a FREE EXAM.  He can tell you whether your child is one of the very few who would benefit from a Phase One treatment.  In most cases, he will schedule you for FREE “WAIT AND SEE”  APPOINTMENTS every 6 months.

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