Orthodontic Treatment Network? “Preferred Providers in Minneapolis/St. Paul?”

Do you have a list of “preferred providers” of orthodontic care in Minneapolis/St. Paul?  Although Droel Orthodontics may not be on your Preferred Provider list, we work with ALL insurance.  When you come in for your FREE INITIAL ORTHODONTIC EXAM, just bring your insurance information.  We will try to match or even better what your insurance provides.

Often patients are quoted a fee that seems low until the add-ons begin.  The fee you are quoted in our office will be all-inclusive, so there will be no hidden costs to worry about.  Even if your treatment takes longer than expected, or the treatment plan changes, the fee you are quoted at the beginning of treatment will remain the same.

We can help you navigate the often-complicated insurance maze.  We can help you obtain the best possible orthodontic treatment at the best possible cost.

Dr. Rodger Droel


651-633-8191 or 763-862-2345

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