Street Rods and Straight Teeth

This year in June I got to spend as much time as I wanted at the Back to the Fifties 2012 Weekend at the State Fairgrounds.  Why? Because I brought two of my little granddaughters!  Who knew that little girls like street rods?  Of course their favorites were the ones in any shade of pink. And for lunch, nothing could be better than two happy little girls enjoying a PB & J served in a car.


I think I finally convinced my wife that customizing vintage cars is a form of art.  It can take the form of Art Deco Sculpture in a hood ornament:


Or it can take the form of ordinary materials used in creative ways:


Equipped with lots of sunscreen and a couple of sturdy strollers for tired little feet, we all had a great day admiring about 11,000 unique vehicles, each one as colorful and individual as its owner.

I think of orthodontics as an art, too.  My aim is always to respect the individuality of each patient.  A lot of people come in to the office and say they do not want to end up with “orthodontic mouth” or “Chiclet teeth.” I know exactly what they mean.  They do not want to end up with standardized-looking teeth.  No two faces are the same, and no two smiles are the same.  In our office, we strive to make each smile look completely natural and as unique as its owner.

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