Considering a new orthodontist?

I often see patients in treatment who are moving to our area. Patients also come in because they had previous treatment but need straightening because they have not worn their retainers in years. Others are concerned because the treatments they have begun elsewhere seem to be taking too long.

I also recommend that patients who have already had orthodontic expanders or a Phase I treatment elsewhere consider coming in for a free second or third orthodontic opinion. Although I usually try to avoid expanders or Phase I treatments for young children, I am always happy to speak with parents who have been told that a child is now ready for Phase II or full orthodontic treatment. After all, this is a big decision. It is always a good idea to get additional opinions until you feel really confident about going ahead.

I may be able to offer options you have not considered before. If you would like to read my thoughts about orthodontic treatment for very young children, please see my previous article: “Orthodontic Expander, Phase One Treatment, Braces Twice?” If you just want to discuss your concerns and options with no obligation, you are always welcome in my office.

Of course cost is always a concern. If you decide on treatment at my office, my staff can help you find out what insurance benefits you have.  We can usually match or better whatever your insurance provides.

Our Lino Lakes Office

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