Orthodontic X-Ray Safety

When are orthodontic x-rays needed?  Answers from Dr. Rodger Droel right here!

We strictly follow the guidelines of the American Dental Association.  The guidelines state that x-rays should be taken only when necessary for diagnosis and treatment.  At your first exam in our office, no x-rays will be taken.  If I determine that x-rays are necessary, I will request copies from your family dentist.  My goal is always to keep x-ray exposure to the minimum necessary for optimal treatment.

Panorex and full mouth x-rays are the most commonly shared x-rays.  Cephalometric x-rays are sometimes needed. If so, we will take Cephalometrics at our office.

Some dentists and orthodontists take many other x-rays, such as Cone Beam CTs. I rarely find them necessary or beneficial for orthodontic treatment.  I prefer to avoid unnecessary radiation exposure.

If you would like to read more about dental x-ray safety, please see this recent article from American Dental Association:  


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