How Much Do Braces Cost?

When you choose an orthodontist, cost is always a factor.  Dr. Droel’s fees are reasonable and competitive.  They are also ALL-INCLUSIVE. The fee quoted will include records, diagnosis, placing of braces, all adjustments (which are always done personally by Dr. Droel), all repairs, and retainers when treatment is finished.


Dr. Droel will match fees from other orthodontists who have the same advanced training he has received.  All you need is a written estimate which includes the cost of their add-on fees.

Some patients come in with proposed contracts which have add-on fees for “poor patient cooperation.” This would include patients who fail to wear their elastics or to brush properly. In Dr. Droel’s office, we work with all our patients to encourage cooperation as part of the regular treatment plan.  If we have to schedule additional consultations with parents or patients for poor cooperation, there is never an additional charge.

Other add-on fees that may appear on contracts from other orthodontists include:

  • Records
  • Repair of loose braces
  • Missed appointments
  • Extended treatment time (In Dr. Droel’s office, if treatment takes longer than the original estimate, for whatever reason, there is never an additional charge).
  • Retainers
  • Re-gluing of glued-on retainers that come loose. Charges of $250.00 for this are typical.  In our office, we rarely use glued-on retainers because they are not the best retainers.  If we do use them in rare cases, there is no charge for maintaining them in good order.

Dr. Droel encourages patients to get second and even third opinions before starting orthodontic treatment. Come in to our office for your free exam and consultation!

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