Custom Orthodontics: All Smiles Are Not the Same


A common practice in orthodontic offices is to use a “standard” preformed nickel titanium arch wire, “one size fits all.” An upper and lower archwire of this “standard” type is pictured above. The trouble is that no individual mouth is “standard.” The reason for using an archwire like this is that the orthodontist’s tech support team may be doing most of the work. What you want is a “hands-on” highly trained and experienced orthodontist bending wires specifically for your particular teeth.

When you are considering orthodontic treatment, always ask who will be doing the adjustments. If the answer is that it will usually be a technician, that means that the arch wire is “one size fits all.” These nickel titanium wires cannot be custom bent, and technicians are not capable of bending wires properly.

The way to get a personalized treatment is to be sure that the orthodontist uses a stainless steel arch wire that he or she bends specifically for your best smile. You can see the intricate bends in the stainless steel archwires above, created for a specific patient. Only an orthodontist who uses these custom bent wires will give you the personalized results you need.


At Dr. Droel’s office, he personally bends all the treatment wires and personally does all the adjustments. Pictured above are some of the specialized tools he uses on each patient. His staff only assists him and always works under his direct hands-on supervision. Come into our office for a free exam and learn what is the best specific treatment to give you or your child the best and most natural smile.

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