Snowboard Heaven: 27 Inches of Champagne Powder

President’s Day 2012 in Steamboat Springs:  me, my snowboard and almost too much snow!  My wife and I woke up early and checked the snow report. We thought we were still dreaming:  27 inches of champagne powder had fallen overnight, and it was still snowing!  We were on the mountain extra-early (OK, maybe just this once we skipped brushing our teeth before we rushed out the door). Riding the first lift up, we cheered as an ecstatic skier made perfect turns in chest-deep powder down the steep pitch below us.

When we got off the lift at the top, for just a moment we almost wished we were on skis, just to have poles. By that time, we were in at least 30 inches of snow.  Although it was light and fluffy, it was hard going on the flats. We managed to move by following someone else’s track until we reached the top of High Noon. We stayed in the fall line, turning just enough to stay in control. But there was no controlling the whoops of delight as the snow actually flew over our heads when we hit drifts. The guy with the silly grin? That’s me.

The only problem, if something so much fun could be a problem, was getting up when we fell.  We learned to stay on our feet at all costs. A worst-case all-out tumble involved a combination of digging, wallowing, and generally floundering until we could get on our feet again.  What a day!  And for days afterward, there were still fresh powder stashes in the trees.

What, you might ask, does this have to do with orthodontics? I could say something like “Follow a good track of brushing, flossing, and wearing your elastics.”.  But what I really want to say is that you never know when you’ll have a once-in-a lifetime day. So my best advice is, “Dude, just go for it!”

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