All You Need to Know About Orthodontic Retainers

When you or your child have an orthodontic exam, you are mainly thinking about how to get your teeth straight. At the exam, you should also take time to ask how the orthodontist plans to KEEP your teeth straight. You need to RETAIN the beautiful smile achieved for you or your child.

When treatment is finished at my office, the patient is carefully fitted for pink plastic retainers, upper and lower. THE RETAINERS ARE INCLUDED IN THE QUOTED FEE AT THE BEGINNING OF TREATMENT.

Upper Retainer made in Dr. Droel's office

Upper Retainer made in Dr. Droel’s office

Lower Retainer made in Dr. Droel's office

Lower Retainer made in Dr. Droel’s office

These retainers are hand-made in my office to fit the patient’s teeth perfectly. A patient who wears these retainers nightly should never need orthodontic treatment again.  A patient who wears the retainers inconsistently or does not wear them at all will most likely need orthodontic treatment again in the future.

What about glued-in retainers?

Glued In Retainer

Glued In Retainer


This kind of retainer is better than nothing, but if the patient started with an overbite, the overbite will come back. This kind of retainer is likely to break and need replacement. It is very hard to keep this retainer clean, so tooth and gum disease are likely. Finally, this kind of retainer does not even cover most of the teeth. So the teeth will drift back into the malocclusion that was treated.

What about clear plastic retainers that fit over the teeth?

Clear Plastic Retainers

Clear Plastic Retainers

This is not an effective retainer. It is the same as the bleaching trays used for whitening teeth.  It can be made cheaply in any lab, but it is not strong. It does not hold the teeth precisely in the correct position. It will wear out quickly.

In my office, retaining the beautiful natural smile we have achieved is just as important as completing the proper treatment. As my patient, you or your child will receive the finest retainers available. With proper care, these retainers will last for many years–and so will the beautiful personalized smile!

Best Kind of Retainer

Best Kind of Retainer

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